Tuesday, April 15, 2014

May 7, 2014: "Children Of The Dragon" Seattle Release Party!

Wednesday May 7th, 2014

Gabriel Teodros "Children Of The Dragon" Seattle Release and 33 1/3 Birthday Party!

with special guests
Jennifer Johns (from Oakland, CA and debuting music from her brand new album "Chronicles Of The Aquarian Mind")
Hightek Lowlives
DJ's OCnotesWD4D

8PM. $15. All Ages.

@ Jaam Rek
(a.k.a. the old Hidmo building - 20th & Jackson - Seattle, WA)

Tickets available at releasethedragon.brownpapertickets.com/
(this event will most likely sell out, you want to get your tickets now!)

Gabriel Teodros & AirMe "Frida Kahlo"

Some more grown-up rap. Love to okayafrica for premiering the single! This one is all about being 30-something, not settled down... and increasingly isolated as a result.

I love Frida Kahlo for so many reasons, but one reason I think her art resonates with so many people is because she painted from a place of pain and turned that pain into medicine. I think the isolation she felt might of been amongst the deepest pain... hence all the self-portraits.

As a musician I feel like each song becomes another self-portrait too.

"just a pad and a pen, i sip my coffee slow, wake up late and take a walk alone..."

-- gt

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chiwoniso Maraire

Just caught this beautiful interview of Chiwoniso Maraire. Sad that I never got to meet her. Thankful for her music and time spent on this planet. Love to the entire Maraire family... shoutout to brothers Tendai & Draze. So much brilliance. Good music lives forever.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 years since the first Blue Scholars release!

Blue Scholars released their first album 10 years ago, today. They celebrated with a release party at Vesper Lounge. I opened up, along with Cancer Rising. I also remember Macklemore was in attendance, and he played me songs from his upcoming "The Language Of My World" album in the car that night. I remember tripping off the quality of everyone's work, including the Abyssinian Creole album we were still working on at the time. A little later in the year, I remember rolling with Geo (aka Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars) to Teal's place to record his feature that ended up on that Abyssinian Creole album. We had on KEXP in the car, (I think just for a split second while changing CD's) and a Blue Scholars song came on. This was a big deal because it wasn't a Sunday Night, and before Blue Scholars, I don't remember KEXP playing local Hip Hop outside of Street Sounds. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first time Geo heard himself on the radio outside of a Hip Hop specialty show too. That was one of many doors Blue Scholars were able to kick down, and Hip Hop in Seattle has never been the same. Sending love, respect and gratitude to Blue Scholars on 10 years since that first record!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gabriel Teodros & AirMe "Grow Up Before You Blow Up" ft. Luam Kidane

"Grow Up Before You Blow Up" ft. Luam Kidane

So last year Homeboy Sandman wrote this article on rap music and the prison industrial complex. He made these crucial connections from how a mere 232 media executives control the entire information diet of 277 million americans, to how some of those same media executives have huge stakes in for-profit prisons, to why popular rap music is the way it is.

After processing this information, I then looked around at my community and realized how many independent artists are playing the same role a media giant would have them play, without even having anyone tell them that's what they have to do... as if we're locking ourselves in a cage and holding the keys to our freedom at the exact same time.

This was in 2013 while we were actually mixing the rest of the Children Of The Dragon record... AirMe was just messing around with a beat while we were in between sessions. I was on the couch working on the first draft for my Octavia's Brood story... I heard the earliest version of this beat, quietly opened another window on my laptop, and in 15 minutes the song wrote itself... it even surprised us but it ended up making the album!

Written by Gabriel Teodros & Luam Kidane. Produced by AirMe. Additional vocals by Rebekah.
Mixed by AirMe, Gabriel Teodros & Dume 41. Mastered by Dume41.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gabriel Teodros & AirMe "Parable Of The Dragon"

Another Okayafrica premiere: "Parable Of The Dragon"
(you might see an exclusive there on okayafrica every week until the album drops!)

The album title Children Of The Dragon is a reference to mythology I first heard of in Haile Gerima's film Teza. I like using Audre Lorde's term "biomythography" when describing the album as a whole. 

This particular song is a parable told from the perspective of a dragon and a dragon slayer, with one of the same ideas I was speaking to in this TED Talk:

"Being a child of activists, an independent Hip Hop artist, a high school dropout that teaches high school, and someone that has been a part of more non-profit organizations than I care to mention... the feeling of having to fight with with your back against the wall is a very familiar place. When your in that place, it's easy to forget that nothing lasts forever, that change is inevitable, and that we can win. When you are so focused on the fight that it becomes a part of your identity, when you start defining yourself as a fighter, a warrior, a revolutionary... it's not far off to say the monsters you are fighting against have become a part of your identity too. So what happens when the monsters you were fighting against are no longer there? What happens win you win? Both in my life and in history I've seen people recreate the monsters they were always fighting against, because without them... who are we?"

Written by Gabriel Teodros. Produced by AirMe.
Mixed by AirMe, Gabriel Teodros & Dume41. Mastered by Dume41.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Meklit "We Are Alive"

MeklitWe Are Alive

My cousin, collaborator and CopperWire co-conspirator has released her new solo album on Six Degrees Records! I think it's her best work yet... getting this album might be the best thing you do for yourself all week. Purchase directly from bandcamp today!  And if you are in the US, catch her on tour right now... Seattle folks, she's at The Triple Door on March 31st! All the tour details and ticket links are right here.

Also, Meklit is on the cover of the San Francisco Bay Guardian right now! Check the current issue for a full interview... and you'll also hear a story about me rapping at the foot of an ancient castle in Gondar after the city lost electricity!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gabriel Teodros & AirMe "24 Hour Layover" ft. Mahi

The good people at Okayafrica have premiered me & AirMe's debut single "24 Hour Layover" from the upcoming Children Of The Dragon record! Stay tuned here for details on the May 7th Seattle Release Party... and if you haven't signed up for the email list yet, what are you waiting for?  Shoutout to Mahi on the additional vocals, Gezaw on the photography, and Dume41 on the additional mixing & mastering!

Premiere: Gabriel Teodros x AirMe '24 Hour Layover' Okayafrica.

"airports, customs, tears and i'm gone..."
-- gt

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hightek Lowlives "Humanoid Void" LP

Hightek Lowlives - Humanoid Void

My cousin Otieno Terry's first album is here! Otieno is the now and future. Honored to be featured on this project, twice! Also very excited that I was able to reference 4 different Octavia Butler series, my favorite episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (Far Beyond The Stars) and a quote from Thomas Sankara all in one verse. Get the album on bandcamp today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food & Sh*t presents "Hidmo Back!"

This last weekend Food & Sh*t and Hidmo hosted a night called "Hidmo Back!" on Beacon Hill in Seattle. A bunch of us performed: DJ Daps1Hollis, Rogue Pinay, si dåko’ta, Daniel Pak (of Kore Ionz), Prometheus Brown and Otieno Terry (who's incredible album with Hightek Lowlives is rumored to be dropping like next week?!) If you missed it, check this video Scott Macklin made above. I did one of the lost tracks (there's at least 7 lost tracks) from the upcoming Children Of The Dragon album titled "The World Is A Hidmo". Shoutout to Thione Diop and everyone holding it down at Jaam Rek on 20th & Jackson now. My song is out of date since the old Hidmo building is far from empty... it's not in the video but I said that at the event too.

If you have no idea what Hidmo is (or was) check these archives, the quickest summary I can offer is something I wrote on the day we closed it titled Honoring an era.

"Thought you knew you did know, Hidmo..." - THEEsatisfaction